I'm Lorenz - a Certified Keto Lifestyle Coach that believes that you can start the change today.

My Story

Before discovering the ketogenic lifestyle, I struggled with weight and major depression.

I want you to imagine this. As if that you’re 30 lbs overweight.. you have a chronic anxiety.. You get the worst panic attacks.. You go to therapy once a week because you don’t understand what’s going on and neither does the people around you. It was determined to be major depression. Fear is taking over your life.. It starts to affect your Career.. it affects your relationships around you.. Your girlfriend at the time was strong.. but it’s start to take a toll on them too. It’s starting to feel like you were just stuck in this dark place of constant Fear. Life is starting to feel like it has no meaning.. 

That was me a few years ago.. Until I fought for what I want and ultimately when I adapted a ketogenic Lifestyle everything lifted. Energy, mood, it’s like a light bulb had just turned on.



I lost 30 lbs and got my life back!

My symptoms of Depression slowly went away. I wasn’t understanding what was going on at the time.. I certainly couldn’t go searching on google because of all the nonsense it spews about keto. And So I went on and reached out to people on social media who had a lot of success on the ketogenic diet. And that started the my Podcast because as I learned from people. I want to share it to others at the same time. 

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Ketones & Coffee Podcast with Lorenz

Join me in meaningful conversations about the remarkable journeys and transformations of influencers, experts, or everyday individuals on the Ketogenic Lifestyle approach. 

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Check out my interviews on The Nourished Soul Podcast with Dr. Kelly Ritter, Boundless Body Radio with Casey Ruff, & The Audacious Living Podcast with Audley Stephenson.

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